Blade-Free Custom LASIK


Blade-Free LASIK technology The cornea is responsible for the biggest part of your visual focus (or optical power), and consists of different layers of cells. Irregularities in these layers may cause a change in the focal point on the back of the eye (retina) which negatively impacts your ability to see clearly at all distances.  Usually, this problem can be solved by reshaping the cornea in the stroma, or the second and thickest layer of cells. Because the stroma is the second layer of cells, Dr. Liang must have a way to access it which is typically done through the creation of a highly precise, very thin tissue flap on the most superficial layer of the cornea

In Blade-Free Custom LASIK, an ultra-thin flap is made on the surface of the cornea by applying millions of tiny laser spots in a row that separate the tissue. This Lasik procedure is blade-free and the laser treatment itself is painless. The laser creates the thin tissue flap with a hinge on one side so it can be securely replaced after the LASIK procedure is completed.

Once the flap is created, it is opened and the curvature of the cornea can be reshaped to create your unique vision solution. This step is performed by an excimer laser; by removing layers of individual cells in the corneal stroma within seconds.

When the reshaping is completed, the tissue flap is gently placed back over the area, leaving the most external layer of the cornea untouched. The tissue that makes up the flap, called the epithelium, is regenerative and will heal over time, whereas the tissue in the deeper part of the corneal stroma cannot regenerate which allows the re-shaping to be permanent.

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