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Why Choose Dr. Liang

Keith Liang, M.D.Choosing your cataract or refractive surgeon is a very important process. There are many issues to consider including experience, surgical outcomes, price, doctor/patient relationship, facility, staff and more! These principals are just part of what we call the “Liang Vision Advantage”.

Sight is your most precious gift; trust your sight to Keith Liang, M.D. Center for Sight!

How can you know that Dr. Liang is the right cataract or LASIK surgeon for you?

As a Sacramento based surgeon, Dr. Liang has performed thousands of successful cataract and refractive procedures, and he was the first Sacramento area ophthalmologist to perform LASIK in the area.

His ophthalmology practice offers comprehensive eye care which means he has a vast range of experience and knowledge regarding your eyes. We refer to this as being part of the “Liang Vision Advantage”! In addition to performing LASIK surgery on a weekly basis, he also performs the newest techniques in cataract surgery every week, as well as laser treatments and advanced testing and exams.

Dr. Liang earned his undergraduate degree from UCLA and his medical degree from the University of Southern California. He completed his residency at Louisiana State University-Lions Eye Center, where his training had a strong focus on refractive surgery. His research at LSU included clinical trials in PRK with the LSU Eye Center Excimer Laser Team.

From his training and experience, Dr. Liang has developed a Laser Vision process and philosophy that provides patients with the opportunity for the best possible outcome. We call this the Liang Vision Advantage!

Published Works and Accomplishments

As you continue to read, we are going to cover a host of different things, including topics such as:

  1. One Doctor, One Concern: The best result for you
  2. Patient Education, tailored with you in mind
  3. Your Free Screening
  4. Your Comprehensive Evaluation Exam
  5. Your Recheck Appointment Prior to Surgery
  6. On the Day of Your Surgery
  7. Your Post Operative (Post Op) Care
  8. Our Commitment to Your Care
  9. Turning 40
  10. Co-managing with your Optometrist

(1) One Doctor, One Concern: The best result for you

Dr. Liang personally calculates the factors that will give you the best outcome. His experience is the difference – the Liang Vision Advantage! Dr. Liang owns two Excimer lasers and is the only surgeon who uses them; fine-tunes them with the exacting measurements for each and every patient from measurements that were taken in the office visits prior to surgery. The laser is only as good as the LASIK surgeon and it is Dr. Liang’s knowledge, experience, and diligence with knowing the laser that ensures precision and great surgical outcomes. As you can imagine, this, coupled with Dr. Liang’s personal attention to detail and exacting measurements were taken not just once … you are in for the Liang Vision Advantage. Remember, technology is only as good as the surgeon utilizing it. Dr. Liang personally adjusts your computer entry based on his personalized nomogram which Dr. Liang bases on the countless surgeries he has performed.

(2) Patient Education, tailored with you in mind

Dr. Liang and his team are proud of their commitment to patient education.

We offer, as part of the Liang Vision Advantage:

Comprehensive eye care and the latest technology advancements in diagnosing and treating conditions of the eye.

The latest technology and concierge-level service from our highly-skilled staff.

Educational information on Dr. Liang’s training

Educational information on Laser Eye Surgery – risks and benefits

Literature on our Process, What to Look for in a Cataract and Refractive Surgeon, Commonly Asked Questions, Dr. Liang’s LASIK Outcomes, and Eye Terminology

Trained Cataract and LASIK counselors to answer your questions

Informational videos

Opportunities to talk to someone “just like you” who have had Cataract, LASIK or PRK surgery performed by Dr. Liang.

Testimonials detailing Patient Experiences about their surgical procedures and their personal results

At Center for Sight, we care about the relationships that are made through the trust and compassion that is delivered at every visit. Because of our focus on patients, when you come here to explore vision correction options, you know you have someone you can trust and can turn to when you need answers or reassurance. We have so many patients who, under the care of Dr. Liang, refer family, friends and business associates – all because of the Liang Vision Advantage. We know how important your vision is, and we value that relationship and trust given to us by so many of our patients.

(3) Your Free Screening

In order to aid patients in their research process, we offer free personalized screenings to see if you are a LASIK candidate. At the complimentary screening, Dr. Liang will take a quick look at both your prescription and your eyes. We take prescription measurements of your glasses, measure your vision with and without correction and measure your corneal thickness. This gives us a good idea if you are a candidate and gives you the opportunity to visit the office and ask questions directly of staff and Dr. Liang.

The next step is to schedule the Evaluation exam.

(4) Your Comprehensive Evaluation Exam

The Evaluation Exam is a far more detailed eye exam than you probably have had in the past. Dr. Liang and his staff will compare the results of this exam to your prescription. As you know, this is not the first time the staff has made this comparison, and it won’t be the last! The attention to detail in this comparison gives Dr. Liang the best information possible. While LASIK results form a great blend of both technique and technology, the outcome is only as good as the information on which it is based-the accuracy of your prescription and the results of your eye exam.

This exam includes the steps detailed below and usually lasts 2 ½ hours. It is a dilated exam, so we recommend that some patients come with someone who can drive you home afterward, and bring a pair of sunglasses with you to this visit.

We want to see if there is anything that can interfere with your good outcome like:

  • Corneal warpage (from contact lens use)
  • Cataracts (if considering LASIK vision)
  • Other apparent problems

For the most accurate results, you need to discontinue wearing your Soft contact lenses for 7 days prior to this exam; if you wear Rigid Gas Permeable or Soft Toric contact lenses you need to discontinue wearing them for 14 days prior to the exam. Again, these measurements are crucial to obtaining the precise measurements accurately so you can obtain the Liang Vision Advantage. This will allow Dr. Liang to customize your particular treatment and establish your personal nomogram for programming into the laser.

Corneal Mapping Topography: To assist in analyzing your cornea’s natural shape, we will create a corneal topography of your eye. This topography is a map of your cornea’s surface (much like making a contour map of land), allowing Dr. Liang to rule out specific corneal diseases such as keratoconus (a progressive thinning of the cornea which is degenerative, hereditary, usually in both eyes and affects vision).

Wavefront Mapping: Dr. Liang has been using wavefront technology for several years. Wavefront technology measures the eye’s image-forming quality and optical aberrations unique to your eye, and how they affect visual acuity. This technology uses a narrow ray of eye-safe light that passes through the optical system of the eye. This information is very accurate and maps the eye much like taking a fingerprint of the eye. This mapping is used to determine the best way of treating your eyes, aiding the laser-controlled photorefractive surgery (PRK, LASIK) to create a more accurate optical correction.

Undilated and Dilated Eye Exams: Working with your prescription and topography, we will examine your eyes undilated, and then check them again dilated. While dilated, Dr. Liang can take a look deep into the back of your eyes to ensure their health and assess the clarity of your lens inside your eye. This thoroughness is all part of the Liang Vision Advantage.

Checking Corneal Thickness: Not only will we be checking your corneal mapping, but we’ll also be checking your corneal thickness. Checking your corneal thickness is very important because the thickness of the cornea plays a key role when making the flap for LASIK surgery and plays a part in determining your “qualification” as a LASIK candidate. Your corneal thickness is an integral part of the surgeon’s decision about your individual surgery. Some patients are not candidates for surgery due to their cornea being too thin. In the case of a cornea that is determined to be “too thin”, other surgical options may be discussed with you by Dr. Liang. Every opportunity to achieve optimal surgical results for your particular lifestyle and challenges are taken into account by Dr. Liang. If surgery is “not for you”, Dr. Liang won’t advise it! This custom process is designed for your unique eyes and for your special care. This is all part of the Liang Vision Advantage.

Your Expectations: At the end of this comprehensive exam, you’ll know whether you are a candidate and you’ll know what you can expect after surgery. You can schedule a day for surgery at this exam, after hearing from Dr. Liang about the outcome and the results of your personal tests. As you can see, Dr. Liang is directly involved in every aspect of the process so he knows you and your case specifically – giving you the Liang Vision Advantage.

(5) Your Recheck Appointment Prior to Surgery

Because Dr. Liang wants to achieve the best possible results for your eyes; he will have you come back for one more appointment before surgery. At this appointment, we will retake all the maps of your eyes and review your prescription. Your eyes will not be dilated. This appointment takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. We will also review the instructions for your specific surgery at this appointment.

We need this time to do further confirmatory testing on your eyes, your prescription and the thickness of your cornea. Dr. Liang and his team take each step in an effort to help prepare for surgery. Every step is taken to ensure you have the best experience possible.

(6) On the Day of Your Surgery

On the day of surgery, we want you to relax and trust your eyes to Dr. Liang. Dr. Liang’s Laser Center is conveniently located in the same building as his office.

We want to be sure you are awake and alert during your customized procedure, so a mild sedative is given. This is part of your service. Everyone responds differently when having a procedure, and we want to be sure you are comfortable.

Dr. Liang gives you assurance and confidence. You know that with all the steps taken, and with Dr. Liang’s personal oversight every step of the way, you will be in the hands of Dr. Liang and his professional staff at all times during your customized procedure. Dr. Liang will continue to personally bridge the gap between high tech and high touch! Everyone present that day will be there for you and your comfort, focused on you, your eyes and your personal outcome.

As you read earlier, the outcome of your surgery is dependent on accuracy. For this reason, with Dr. Liang and the Liang Vision Advantage – we invest heavily in checking, re-checking and triple-checking your unique eyes. Though these numbers are programmed into the laser, Dr. Liang has personally calculated factors, adjusted and calibrated equipment to ensure it is ready for you. Remember, Dr. Liang created and checked several times in the process the personal nomogram created just for you and your procedure.

Our office staff will be with you on the day of your surgery. The faces will be familiar and the same individuals that helped you during your evaluation exam will assist you with the preoperative and postoperative process.

(7) Your Post Operative (Post Op) Care

After your surgery, you will be instructed to return home and rest, keeping your eyes shut for the remainder of the day. Rest is extremely valuable for the healing process to take place and ensure the optimal outcome for your procedure. Dr. Liang will see you the afternoon of surgery to make sure that you are healing well before the weekend. Our patients usually return to work and normal activities on Monday.

Dr. Liang will continue to see you personally at each of your postoperative visits. Included in your surgical fee are your 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1-year post-op appointments. With the positive results and outcome from your surgery, many will be tempted not to keep these appointments. Please understand that these appointments are all part of the Liang Vision Advantage and Dr. Liang’s desire to make sure that your surgery has the checkups necessary to ensure the best results.

(8) Our Commitment to Your Care

Your correction is checked, double-checked, then triple-checked

A topography map is made of each eye and again at the recheck appointment

A wavefront picture is taken of each eye and again at the recheck appointment

The laser is calibrated between each patient for accuracy

Surgery is done in our Surgical Operating Room

The Surgical Operating Room is climate controlled to ensure safety in surgery

The lasers are permanently installed and operated only by Dr. Liang

The laser, microkeratome and other precision instruments are used exclusively by Dr. Liang

Sterile techniques are used by Dr. Liang and every technician

(9) Turning 40

As we age, our eyes become less accommodating (less able to adjust their focus). You may know people who never wore glasses before suddenly having to wear glasses to read or work on the computer. This condition is called presbyopia. This happens to most people as they move into their forties. Unfortunately, once accommodation is gone, it cannot be regained.

For those who are nearsighted, reading without glasses or contacts may not be a problem, but with glasses or contacts, their up-close vision may be blurry. LASIK does the same thing as glasses and can give the nearsighted patient clear vision for distance, but because of loss of accommodation (presbyopia), the close vision will be blurry. Solutions consist of implanting an accommodating (Crystalens) or multifocal (ReStor or ReZoom) lens inside the eye, monovision or reading glasses.

Monovision is a very personal choice. With monovision, one eye is corrected for near vision and the other is corrected for distance vision. For some people, the brain adapts and the eyes work together so the patient doesn’t notice that their eyes have different vision. If you have presbyopia, this may provide you an alternative to reading glasses for casual use, like reading a menu or checking a price tag. If this is of interest to you, Dr. Liang recommends that this is tried in contacts before LASIK surgery to ensure an outcome that you will appreciate.

(10) Comanaging with your Optometrist

For LASIK surgery Dr. Liang always gives you the option of comanaging your post-operative care with your optometrist. Comanagement means Dr. Liang performs your surgery, but the majority of your postoperative visits are with your own optometrist. Many of you have seen your optometrist for years and really trust their opinion; they may have even referred you to Dr. Liang. Comanagement is the patient’s choice.

The first step in the process is visiting our office for your free screening. Call TODAY to schedule your free screening and to learn more about your options for vision correction. (916) 446-2020

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