Medical Eye Conditions

Medical Eye Conditions


Close-up of a blue eyeTake a look around you. What do you see? You might see a computer or phone with a shining, colorful screen. A piece of paper may be under your left hand and a sharpened pencil in your right hand. While you look at these objects with your eyes, your brain is what is recognizing the objects. Many people take sight for granted, but how are you able to see and register objects?

You probably already know that your body has five senses that help you experience the world around you. These senses are touch, taste, hearing, smell, and sight. Although all of your senses are important, many people think that sight would be the most difficult one to live without.
Your eyes are unique and how well they work depends on how you care for them. Annual eye exams are important so we can screen any diseases and provide treatment to you as needed to preserve the overall health of your vision. While the mechanics of the human eye are consistent from person to person, your exact eye care needs vary based upon who you are and how you use your eyes. Our team at Center for Sight looks forward to helping you better understand your eyes and when necessary, heal them.

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