How Do Allergies Affect Your Eyes?

ALLERGIES Allergies have an enormous impact on the health and well-being of the population. Each year, approximately 50 million Americans suffer from allergic diseases. WHAT IS AN ALLERGY AND HOW DOES IT AFFECT YOUR EYES? An allergy is the immune system’s hypersensitive response to a harmless foreign substance in the body such as plant pollen,… Read More

Halloween Safety

It’s almost Halloween and you’ve got your costume all sorted out but there may be a few safety concerns you should consider before making that purchase. These steps are here to help you make an informed decision about your family’s health and safety. We don’t want this one night of fun to disturb you long… Read More

Paying for your Laser Eye Surgery

Most of life’s costlier expenses have us looking into financing options from buying a home, sending our children to college, applying for student loans and buying a new car.  As you know, insurance’s doesn’t typically pitch in to help to cover any of the cost, including your laser eye surgery expenses. We have listed a… Read More

Protect your Eyes this Summer against UV lights

Protect your Eyes this Summer against UV lights Most people know the sun’s rays are bad for our skin. But did you know they’re just as bad for our eyes?  We all use sunscreen to protect our skin, but don’t forget to protect your eyes as well. Sunglasses are a great fashion accessory, but their… Read More

A Closer Look at DRY EYES

What is Dry Eye? Normally, the eye constantly bathes itself in tears. By producing tears at a slow and steady rate, the eye stays moist and comfortable. Sometimes people do not produce enough tears or the appropriate quality of tears to keep their eyes healthy and comfortable.  This condition is known as dry eye. The… Read More

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