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Paying for your Laser Eye Surgery

Most of life’s costlier expenses have us looking into financing options from buying a home, sending our children to college, applying for student loans and buying a new car.  As you know, insurance’s doesn’t typically pitch in to help to cover any of the cost, including your laser eye surgery expenses. We have listed a… Read More

10 LASIK Myths- Know your FACTS

Do you know the truth when you see it? There’s no need to deal with the hassles of glasses and contact lenses anymore. With today’s technological advancements you can experience the world without barriers. At Center for Sight, we’re thrilled that Millennials are reporting in record numbers that they plan to have LASIK. When considering LASIK,… Read More

Lasik Does Not Wear Off

LASIK does not wear off, it’s a one-time procedure. LASIK is an extraordinary procedure. As remarkable as it is, there are many myths surrounding this procedure and its long-term effect.  One of the most common myths that float around the rumor mill is that LASIK eventually starts to “wear off” and you will have to undergo multiple… Read More

Refractive Surgery Extends Beyond PRK & LASIK

Thinking about LASIK? Did you know that it’s not your only eye surgery option? Consider the alternatives noted below by Dr Gregory D. Parkhurst, MD, FACS from Parkhurst Nuvision, most of which are done by Dr. Liang here at Center for Sight. Refractive surgery extends beyond PRK, LASIK Primary Care Optometry News, June 2017 Gregory… Read More

Paying for LASIK with your taxes

LASIK is a cosmetic procedure, so while it cannot be billed to your insurance it can help you save on your taxes! Per Turbo Tax, “you can deduct any expense you pay for the prevention, diagnosis or medical treatment of physical or mental illness, and any amounts you pay to treat or modify any part… Read More

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